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Enterprise Solutions & Services

UXC Eclipse - Enterprise Solutions & Services

The UXC Eclipse ESS (UXC Eclipse Enterprise Solutions & Services) practice expands the boundaries of your current platform beyond applications to deliver solutions and services for the entire enterprise including:
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Enterprise Portals
  • Workflow & Process Management
  • Microsoft SharePoint – customised and flexible solutions for SharePoint with CRM, ERP tie-ins
  • Mobility – middleware, Mobile application development  server and mobile device applications with direct integration to SharePoint/CRM/ERP,
  • Technical Consultancy.

Enterprise Collaboration 

UXC Eclipse ESS Enterprise Collaboration will connect people across your business network with the information they need to support your business to meet its goals.
This information comes in a range forms; structured data (record or file based data) and most commonly unstructured data (free form text, word processing documents, PDF files, e-mail messages, social media content and web pages).
UXC Eclipse ESS will help you make sense of your data, creating the most appropriate and flexible structure for collecting, managing, interacting and storing your broad range of data. This will combine a range of applications and technology to suit your purpose, our information strategy and your corporate culture including;
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Content Management
  • Document Management
  • Social Collaboration.

Enterprise Portals

UXC ESS Enterprise Portals will provide a secure, single access point to your corporate content and business processes via a web interface using SharePoint Portals, Collaboration and Business Process solutions.
Whether this is an intranet for your staff, personalised access to reports or other business intelligence applications or external access for your customers or business partners, UXC Eclipse ESS will design the right solution to meet your information management and distribution needs.
UXC Eclipse ESS will develop a comprehensive strategy that will enable you to create and distribute content, decrease paperwork and empower people to access the information, processes, and tools they need, when they need it.
Microsoft SharePoint 2010 provides platform that is easy-to-build, to manage and can be customised to your needs. It will also build on your existing Microsoft investment as a cost-effective environment for your team, customers and business partners.

Microsoft SharePoint - Enterprise Content Management & Delivery

UXC Eclipse ESS extends the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to combine content management, social capabilities and search/edit/update facilities with an easy to use and familiar interface.
Building on your existing Microsoft investment and internal knowledge, SharePoint’s ‘behind-the-scenes’ administration is simple to set up and to update. The result is well-managed information, delivered across a stable, web-based platform that is easy to find, share, and use.
Using SharePoint as a content management solution will scale to multiple sites within your organisation, allowing decentralised content upload, while maintaining a single point of control to monitor content and ensure it is secure and compliant.

Microsoft SharePoint Services

The power of Microsoft SharePoint means it can adapt to meet the unique needs of many organisations. The role of UXC Eclipse ESS is to help you realise the potential of SharePoint within your organisation across a range of innovative solutions. UXC Eclipse ESS can deliver services from simple SharePoint upgrades to workflow driven, custom solutions with interactions and tie-ins across your organisation; including tie-ins to operational applications such as CRM and ERP providing an end to end efficient low risk enterprise solution.  Find out more about how SharePoint can add value to your business using the skills of the UXC Eclipse ESS practice. 
UXC Eclipse’s experienced and professional SharePoint team, combined with our proven implementation methodology and standard package offerings provide for a low risk Enterprise scale SharePoint solution.  In addition, Eclipse is a Microsoft accredited SharePoint Deployment and Planning Service (SDPS) provider.

UXC Eclipse offers an extensive track record of working closely with our clients to achieve highly effective outcomes.  We leverage our knowledge and experience gained from many years of application implementation, development and support services to ensure success. 

UXC Eclipse is a Certified Provider of the Microsoft SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS).  


A significant proportion of your staff, partners and customers are now equipped with highly capable and web-connected smart devices. UXC Eclipse ESS can deliver mobile applications and integrations to connect your core enterprise systems and data to mobile users.
UXC Eclipse ESS also has development capability in all of the major smartphone platforms, including: Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry RIM and Windows Mobile. UXC Eclipse ESS can also create truly cross-platform mobile applications targeting all major phone operating systems. Eclipse hybrid web applications maximise the potential user base of your software, whilst still providing access the hardware features of the handset and making the most of the limited space of the touch interface.
UXC Eclipse is a certified member of the Apple Consultants Network in mobility. 

Technical Consultancy

UXC Eclipse ESS makes it simple and cost effective to manage all your technical, application and consulting requirements with one company. The UXC Eclipse ESS team has all the resources your site needs:
  • Application Consultants
  • Technical Consultants & Infrastructure Specialists
  • Reporting & BI Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Solution Architects
  •  Software, Applications & Mobility Developers
  • Project Managers
  • QA & Testing Resources.



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