Beyond Bank partners with UXC Eclipse for business transformation deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

UXC Eclipse Corporate,

UXC Eclipse, a leading provider of intelligent business solutions to the enterprise and mid-market, will play a key role in South Australian mutual bank Beyond Banks extension of its use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This follows the announcement that Microsoft will begin hosting CRM Online data in Australian data centres.

As a customer-owned financial institution, knowing the customer is an important driver behind Beyond Banks adoption of Microsoft Dynamics CRM across the entire business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers a 360-degree view of the customer, which lets Beyond Bank understand customer needs and identify and capitalise on opportunities. latest-news-beyond-bank.jpg

Bradley Stroop, CEO UXC Eclipse said, While Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has been available in Australia for some time, local government agencies and financial institutions have not been able to use it in most circumstances because the data is stored in off-shore data centres, breaching Australian privacy legislation.

“The announcement that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will now be hosted in Australia means that even more organisations will be able to implement this solution.”

Beyond Bank conducted a rigorous review process that included products from 12 vendors over the course of one year before choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. More than just a software deployment, Beyond Bank aimed to achieve organisational transformation through its use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, using the solution to achieve improved productivity and business performance throughout the organisation.

Robert Aitken, CIO, Beyond Bank said, We recently worked with UXC Eclipse to complete a proof of concept with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which was very successful. As a result of the success of that project we are planning an extended rollout of the solution across the organisation.

“The Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation is a business transformation project in which UXE Eclipse has played a vital role. The choice of implementation partner was critical to the success of the project and it was essential that we engage a partner that we could trust implicitly to understand our business and our requirements, and deliver the results we anticipated.”

The UXC Eclipse team fit seamlessly with the team at Beyond Bank and the two groups worked together effectively. The teams honesty was integral in making sure the project went live on time and in budget.