Great Culture

Great Culture

We have an established set of C.O.R.E. values that is reflected in everything we do. This is how we demonstrate our commitment to creating and reinforcing a fun, friendly and highly-professional environment.

C.O.R.E. is the set of values that every staff member lives by. It sums up the culture of Eclipse, including the values and behaviours that make this a great place to work.


Your place in the company

When you join as a Consultant you are at the centre of the business, with a team around you that supports your success – this is called the Eclipse EcoSystem.

As a company with a long history of stability and growth, we have created a support network to the business that ensures we remain competitive, our customer needs are met, our financial situation is stable and our people come first.

Our EcoSystem departments are well established and have their own strategic plans in place that work to maintain and provide the necessary actions to deliver innovative programs to enhance our Practices – so you can focus on delivering intelligent solutions and old-fashioned service to our customers.