The manufacturing industry is undergoing dramatic change and companies are under enormous pressure to deliver quality products at a faster pace. Much of the shift has been driven by new technologies and manufacturers must embrace a complete transformation of their businesses to remain competitive.

We can help you select the right solutions to improve efficiencies and enhance visibility while reducing costs. Managing the entire lifecycle that extends beyond the initial deployment, we strive to optimize your processes across operations, sales, service and support to help you deliver better products and services – building the foundation for continuous growth.

White Paper: Why Manufacturers Need to Embrace Digital Transformation

In the new world of manufacturing, digital transformation is the foundation for building a competitive advantage.

This whitepaper outlines the key trends affecting the manufacturing industry, and how companies can embrace technology to transform their businesses – enabling them to take advantage of new opportunities and manage the challenges of a rapidly changing landscape.


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Reducing Complexity

Watch this video to learn how a global manufacturer reduces complexity and streamlines business information with Microsoft Dynamics AX.


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The SMAC Stack – Hitting Manufacturers with the Right Technology

While manufacturing used to be insulated from the consumer market to some extent, the faster pace of business and increasing consumer expectations are affecting manufacturers directly. Companies need to reduce the time it takes to get products to market, without increasing costs. The entire supply chain ecosystem must therefore transform to meet these demands.

Now, there is a range of new technology helping manufacturers drive higher customer engagement and growth opportunities. Known as the SMAC Stack, these new technologies include social, mobile, analytics, and cloud.



Webinar - Leveraging Big Data to Remain Competitive

In this webinar, our expert panel discusses:

  • Challenges of implementing connected solutions including centralized visibility, cost effectiveness and the importance of mobility.
  • Benefits of a connected supply chain that’s flexible and agile.
  • Tips to leverage your existing ERP and CRM systems.
  • Strategies to find an analytics solution that matches your company’s long-term ambitions for growth and profitability.