Process Suites for Microsoft Dynamics

Best practice processes to maximise your investment

At Eclipse, we understand that there is a strong relationship between the successful implementation and maintenance of Microsoft Dynamics solutions and the attention paid to business process documentation and communication.

During implementations many organisations try to reinvent the wheel by designing processes specifically to support their current ways of working. Often this results in unnecessary modifications, lengthy customisations and a significant departure from best practice and a standard solution.

As a result, we have developed suites of standard best practice processes for Microsoft Dynamics, which can drive your implementation and help you maximise your solution investment. The Process Suites can be easily managed and tailored to your organisation within the MAVIM solution.

Our Process Suites can accelerate your implementation, minimise risk, increase user adoption and ultimately result in an improved return on investment.

Dynamics Implementation Accelerator

Mavim Rules Application Implementation Manager (AIM) is a solution that will accelerate your ERP implementation project and manage the governance during the entire lifecycle. In this animation we will give you an introduction to our solution.


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The Eclipse Advantage – How we ensure your ERP implementation matches your business needs

Eclipse is the only implementation partner that offers customised BusinessProcess Management (BPM) solutions as an integrated component of our Microsoft Dynamics implementations.