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RockSolid Software

RockSolid Software is advanced, leading edge software that allows organisations to take control of Microsoft SQL Server database deployments of all sizes.

RockSolid Software allows you to enforce consistent management standards across deployments that span on-premise, hosted and cloud environments. With real-time visibility to issues within the environment, we deliver drill-down and automated resolution to violations of your organisational standards. With RockSolid Software you will continuously reduce costs whilst enjoying service level improvements in your SQL Server environment.

Customers of all sizes can use the RockSolid Software for self-management of their SQL Server environments via perpetual or SaaS licensing.

RockSolid Software manages over 40,000 mission critical databases globally.


5 reasons to invest in RockSolid Software


button-icon-orange-number_1Automated Platform

Configuration automation, process automation and operational automation as standard.


button-icon-orange-number_2Enterprise Scalability

Scales to thousands of nodes, providing huge economies of scale.


Governance and Compliance

Compliance automation ensures that your environment is constantly monitored and maintained.


button-icon-orange-number_4Reduce Costs and Incidents

Reduce operational support costs by up to 80%, while reducing incidents and driving improvements in system management and performance.


button-icon-orange-number_5Secure Platform

Reduces the number of employees requiring administrative privileges within your environment and provides extensive security auditing and reporting.

Magnificent Database Management

RockSolid SQL is an innovative software and services business delivering powerful solutions that allow you to simply and cost effectively manage your SQL Server implementations, regardless of the scale of your environment.

With 12 years of experience in the market, we have recently joined the Eclipse family to extend our solutions to the Eclipse customer base and to expand our offering globally.

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